Do you know that every dish made from avocados has the different methods of preservation? All of preservation methods are very easy to follow. Let’s review it right now.

We all know that avocado is a fruit with rich nutritional value, fatty taste and very suitable to eat during the hot summer.

According to many researches, avocado has rich source of antioxidants, 14 vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, copper, potassium, sodium, zinc and selenium…


However, crop of avocado in year just lasts only 3 – 4 months. Therefore, you should learn the preservation tips of restaurant to have avocado all seasons in year.

First of all, an important rule when you want to preserve any particular food is original food have to fresh. Therefore, in order to have fresh preserved avocado, you should choose the delicious and ripe avocado to preserve. If you want to know whether avocado fresh and delicious or not, you can take off the stipe of avocado. If the core stipe is green, this avocado is unripe. If the core stipe is dark brown, this avocado is over ripe or damaged. If the core stipe is yellowish, this avocado is ripe and very tasty to eat.

When you have chosen the delicious avocado, now let’s learn how to preserve avocado in the restaurant.

For avocado to make salads, we use lemon to preserve

Avocado salad is often chosen as an appetizer and it is the favorite dish of many people. When the taste of avocado combines with various foods such as sweet corn, tomatoes, shrimp… it will turn to delicious and attractive dish.

In order to keep avocado fresh and no discoloration when making salads, the chefs in restaurant have used lemon as their tips.

Specifically, the chefs will wipe the lemon juice to the meat of avocado. This liquid will have effect of anti – oxidation and keep the avocado meat is not discolored to black. It also keeps the good taste of avocado as the original one.

With avocado to make sauce, we will add to olive oil

Avocado cream sauce (or guacamole) is made mainly by avocado with delicious and attractive taste. You can use this sauce to mix with noodles, salads and eat with bread or hamburger.

In order to preserve this avocado cream sauce, many experts recommend that you should use a little of olive oil. Just like lemon, you can wipe a layer of olive oil into the meat of avocado. Then, you store avocado in the closed box or zipper pocket.

This layer of olive oil will create a thin protective layer between the avocado and air. It will make the avocado meat keep its color and taste as well as not change the quality.

With avocado to make savory food, we should store it with onions

It is a fault when you believe that avocado is just only used for smoothies or salads. Avocado can be an excellent raw material for many tasty dishes. We can mention many famous foods such as Mexican nachos cake, salmon sandwich with a few pieces of avocado, cheese and wasabi…

However, with avocado to make savory food, which ingredients should be used to preserve it? The best answer is onion.

You can store avocado by placing it with onions in closed boxes. Onions will help to prevent the enzyme interacting with air to create mold. Mold will damage the avocado quickly.

With avocado to make smoothies, we store in zip lock bag

This last method will help you to have a delicious glass of avocado smoothies. You will not worry about the smell of avocado to be mixed with other foods.

After cutting the avocado into 2 parts, you put each half of avocado into a zip lock bag gently. You try to push all the air out of the bag and zip it up, then you put it into the fridge.

Besides the above methods of preservation, many people comment other methods of preservation such as soaking avocado into water or storing a whole avocado into refrigerator. However, when you soak the avocado into water, it will be damaged and soft. When you store the whole avocado into the fridge, avocado will be dehydrate.

There is one small note that any preservation method can make the surface of avocado change color a little bit so you just need to cut it down and remove the changed color layer. The avocado will become fresh as if we just bought it from market.

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