With these simple tips, it can help you to have a quality dish of fried tofu that is sweet, soft inside and crispy layer outside.

Fried tofu is a familiar dish in all families because it is easy to cook, delicious and cheap. However, do you know how to cook a crunchy tofu dish like outside restaurant? Normally, when you cook a meal daily, fried tofu is easy to cook soft and thin layer outside that looks not beautiful and is not delicious to eat at all. Here are 4 tips to help you cook tasty fried tofu dish. You can choose the most suitable method to use or you can combine 4 tips together.

Tip 1: You put tofu in the freezer compartment in the fridge

Before cooking, you should put the whole piece of tofu into the freezer for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, you take it out of the fridge and cut into small pieces. This tip will help tofu crispy and foam when cooking and the tofu pieces will have beautiful square sharps and will not be broken in the pan.

Tip 2: You cover tofu by paper tissue and place the disk on this tofu piece

First of all, you put tofu on a paper tissue and cover another paper tissue above this tofu piece. Finally, you place an appropriate heavy dish on above. This way will help to reduce water in the tofu piece and make the tofu piece as crunchy as in the restaurant.

Tip 3: You should cook fried tofu by fat oil

Fat oil helps to create a beautiful gold brown layer as well as crunchy foam typical for the tofu piece

Pay attention: If you do not want to cook by fat oil, you can use a piece of bacon and cook it first in the pan to get oil, then you pour tofu pieces into the pan to cook as normal.

Tip 4: You can cook fried tofu with small fire and turn tofu around regularly.

The final tip, you should take care of your pan. If you cook fried tofu with big fire, the tofu is easy to be overcooked. Therefore, you should set the fire small so that the tofu will have enough time to ripe inside and have gold brown layer outside. You should also remember to flip 2 sides of tofu regularly to have beautiful yellow tofu.

The results of these tips are the crunchy, gold and shining pieces of tofu. It will be more delicious if you eat with hot rice.

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