When you use a stove to cook for a long time, it will be stuck many of stains, rust and grease in the kitchen. The housewives usually spend a lot of time to wipe and clean the stains in kitchen. Today, I will show you some tips to clean the grease on the stove. These below tips are very quick and efficient but it helps to save costs. Let’s do it together.

Method 1: Use fresh lemon

You cut the lemon into 2 parts and use one part to rub the grease stains on the stove. After 10 – 15 minutes, you use a wet towel to clean the grease stains again. The lemon oil has benefit to remove the grease stains on the stove and brings the original beauty back to your kitchen.

Method 2: Use baking powder

You dip a clean towel or a piece of dishwasher into water, then you sprinkle a little of baking power on this wet towel or dishwasher. Next, you rub it into the grease stains on the stove. The chemical composition of baking powder will absorb all the fat oil quickly without damaging the surface of the kitchen.

Method 3: Use cooking oil

In this case, it is called that using the toxic to treat the toxic. Cooking oil itself is the effective detergent of grease stains on the stove. You use pour a little of cooking oil in a clean towel or pad, then you rub into grease stains. Next, you clean it again by dishwashing liquid. Many housewives use this method because it saves costs and is effective.

Method 4: Use cleansing creams

Currently, in the market, there are a lot of brands of cleansing creams with quick and convenient usages. You just need to pour a little of cleansing creams into grease stains and then you use a clean towel to wipe. The kitchen will be shiny like new again.

Method 5: Use vinegar

Vinegar is always a perfect detergent in this major. Even with the hard – to – clean grease stains, vinegar can remove it quickly. You pour a little of vinegar on a clean towel or pad and wipe it directly on the grease stains. Or you use a sprayer to spray vinegar into the grease stains. Next, you clean the stove again by a clean towel. Vinegar will bring the beauty of your kitchen back.

Method 6: Use dishwater

The housewives usually use the dishwashing liquid to clean the kitchen. Dishwashing liquid can clean all the grease stains on the stove or any other areas in the kitchen. You dip a clean pad and towel into a bowl of dishwashing liquid and wipe it into the grease stains. The grease stains will be removed by dishwashing liquid easily. After repeating this step for several times, the kitchen will be shiny like new again.

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